Actors Wanted

Hothouse Theatre is looking for actors for several projects in 2016

Actors wanted

Hothouse Theatre is looking for actors for several projects over the next 12 months leading to a production at Edinburgh Fringe Festival next August.

We are looking for talented actors interested in playing multiple characters, experimenting with split narrative and physical theatre.

You do not have to have experience but you will have to go through an audition process and demonstrate commitment to hard work and an intensive rehearsal process.

The auditions will be in the form of a workshop. Should be fun and give you an opportunity to show off a bit.

The next auditions will be for the Showcase and will take place in the New Year.

If you are interested contact us to let us know you are coming.

Projects needing actors


Hothouse Theatre’s Showcase events are made up of a series of short theatre pieces, usually about 10 minutes long.

They give people a change to have go at acting, directing and writing for the stage. We also use them as extended auditions so we get a better idea what you are really good at.

We are planning to have our next Showcase in the New year.

Murder at Twyford Hall

Agatha Christie meets the Carry On team. This is a knock about with lots of rude jokes. We already have several actors for this project but are always looking for more actors with comic timing.

Again we are offering the production as a fund raiser for community groups and the actors may be paid for those performances.

Edinburgh Festival Production

Still at the writing phase, this is a First World War piece focusing on the experiences of a nurse during the war.

It will need the acting skills focused on in the other productions so it is likely that those involved will have been involved in the previous productions.

We are looking for 2 strong female actors and up to 3 strong male actors. They will be young actors with the commitment required for a 3 week run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival over August 2016.