A Christmas Carol

Sheridan Sinclair

Charles Dickens seasonal classic was great success. We performed our version, using the prose written by Dickens at 4 venues and we were able to raise funds for various good causes.

No of the venues had been used for theatre before and we were able to raise funds for Bakersfield and Birchover Community Centres and £214 for Bowel Cancer UK in the process.

The cast were excellent so I’d like to offer my extreme thanks to Sheridan Sinclair - Srooge, Sheila Sly and Trev Clarke.

Look out for our next one, coming soon.

Sheila Sly

Comments from the Audience

“Last night's show was fantastic. Great acting and you will feel all Christmassy afterwards.”

“Last night was amazing. Thanks so much to everyone who came and supported Hothouse Theatre and Bowel Cancer UK. We raised £52 form the raffle ticket and calendar sales. Really appreciate it x”

“Well done all of you, think you did a fantastic job last night at Bakersfield, hope tonight goes as well!! X”

“Loved it brilliant! Scrooge was AWESOME!! Well done all. X”

Trev Clarke “Loved it, engaging and entertaining, a perfect Christmas story. See it if you can.”

“Brilliant performance and amazed how you all managed to remember your lines well done!!”

“You can add my congratulations. A great adaptation and good acting make a winning combination. Very appropriate to current economic and social policy too given that the Scrooge like government policies.”

“Great show.”