20 Years of Hothouse

Hothouse Theatre was formed in 1998 by a group of keen thespians eager to carry on some of the work of the Next Stage project once the County Council were no longer able to fund it.

The idea was to give people a chance to have a go at doing all sorts of theatre roles needed to put on small scale, pub theatre projects.

Over the years we have put on loads of different productions with the emphasis on doing new and different things as well as giving people a chance to act, direct and write for the stage.

We will be celebrating our 20th season with 3 productions for the stage, our 4th film festival and lots more stuff on Oh My Nottz.

click here for more about our 20th season on stage.

About Hothouse Theatre

Hothouse Theatre is a charity working in greater Nottingham.

We work with individuals of all ages and abilities as well as with community projects. We use the creative process involved in producing theatre, drama, film, music and art to help develop confidence, aspiration and to address issues within the community.

Hothouse was formed in 1998. Became a Company Limited by Guarantee in 2008 and a Registered Charity 2013.

In that time we have run many and varied projects including:

• an online magazine to engage disadvantaged young people and showcase their work.click here

• fringe theatre productions including taking a show to the Edinburgh Fringe.

• film clubs where young people get involved with making films. click here

• film festivals organised and run by young people giving them an insight into how community projects and planned, advertised an organised. click here

• showcase theatre projects allowing people of all ages and abilities to have-a-go at all aspects of theatre production using 10 minute scripts to help build confidence

• production of promotional videos for community projects with young people involved in the production of the videos thereby exposing them to the work of projects in the voluntary community sector

Currently we are working with; disadvantaged young people of all abilities producing an online magazine, adults on fringe theatre projects, community groups to help develop the skills and confidence of volunteers, young people with support needs to help them integrate with other young people, and community projects to help them highlight issues and promote their work.