About Hothouse Theatre

Hothouse Theatre is a charity working in greater Nottingham.

We work with individuals of all ages and abilities, as well as with community projects. We use the creative process involved in producing theatre, drama, film and audio pieces to help develop confidence, aspiration and to address issues within the community.

Hothouse was formed in 1998. It became a Company Limited by Guarantee in 2008 and a Registered Charity in 2013.

In that time, we have run many and varied projects, including:

• an online magazine to promote local projects that are inspiring and to showcase and promote the work of Hothouse Theatre. Click here

• fringe theatre productions, including taking shows to Fringe Festivals.

• film clubs where young people get involved with making films. Click here

• film festivals organised and run by young people giving them an insight into how community projects and planned, advertised an organised.

• showcase theatre projects, allowing people of all ages and abilities to have-a-go at all aspects of theatre production using 10-minute scripts to help build confidence

• production of promotional videos for community projects with young people involved in the production of the videos, thereby exposing them to the work of projects in the voluntary community sector

Currently, we are working with: disadvantaged young people of all abilities producing an online magazine; adults on fringe theatre projects; community groups to help develop the skills and confidence of volunteers, young people with support needs to help them integrate with other young people; community projects to help them highlight issues and promote their work; various poetry projects helping them to run hybrid online and live events.

Radio Youth

An audio project engaging young people from disadvantaged background in the creative process

During the pandemic, Hothouse Theatre launched an audio project, where young people create podcasts, news bulletins and sketches and audio dramas.

This was initially to allow our youth project to continue online. However, the move away from a video-based project had immediate benefits.

Firstly, it will allow us to keep projects going face to face and online as the situation government guidelines require.

Secondly, it meant that there was a greater ability for the young people to take control of the project, since there will be less editing and greater scope for their ideas to come to fruition.

There is also be a greater focus on writing and reading skills within the sessions.

This focus on literacy will help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who are most vulnerable to the disruption to their education and have the poorest support networks to help make up for lost time, get the support they need.

The sessions focus on fun ways of using audio to create podcasts, radio style plays, news reports etc.

By making it fun... it all becomes easy!

No one taught the Beatles how to play music. They just wanted to learn ... so they did!

Finished pieces will be placed on our Oh My Nottz online magazine.

Click here to visit Oh My Nottz

Like all projects of this nature, this project needs your help for it to keep going. If you would like to donate to the project click here